YF Series Metal Baler YF Series Metal Baler

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Product Description


Metal baler can press all kinds of metal scrap(as shavings, scrap steel , aluminum, copper, tire steel, octagonal cars, etc) into acceptable fumace charges(shapes: cuboid; cylinder or octagon),so as to reduce cost of transportation, to increase speed of fumace charging.

It is mainly applied in steel factory, recycling industry, as well as non-ferrous, ferrous metal smelting industry.


1)Hydraulic drive for all machine types, manual valve control or PLC control.

2)Bale-discharging: turn-out, push-out, forward-out or manual discharging. equipped for power.

3)No footing bolts needed in installation; diesel engine can be equipped or power

4)Baling force 10 grades from 63 to 400 tons; productivity from 4 to 40 tons per shift(8 hours)

Technical Data Sheet



       Hydraulic working pressure (mpa)


       Compress Room Size(L*W*H)(mm)

       1110 X 700 X 500

       Bale Size (L*W*H)(mm)


       Cycle time (sec)




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