PLC Auto Control System PLC Auto Control System

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Product Description


The PLC auto control system is engineering module based, it integrates PC technology, signal test and analysis, tracking, frequency conversion and communication technology, Combined with module controlling technology, the system will ensure the whole line抯 stability, safety and running efficiency.

◆Intellectual learning ability

By collecting working temperature, electric current, time interval, frequency parameters and based on history data, the system can automatically communicate with external environment and adjust its controlling parameters itself for the best performance;

◆Open source module structure

The system is constructed by open source module, can revise, delete or add single or multiple modules to keep the system up to date according to production demands;

◆Long distance surveillance and controlling

Incorporated with internet communication module, the system has the ability of long distance surveillance and controlling;

◆Distributed intelligence disposal

Each operation node in the system has its own disposing ability, even though some nodes may have gone down, as long as 1/3 of the nodes are working, the whole system will not be influenced. This make the system super stable;

◆High Safety

The system adopts safe zone and priority combined safety management solution, meantime, the system has environment sensing ability, even though the system has encountered serious break-down, it can still convert to manual mode smoothly;  

◆Environment Sensing  Ability

Due to the adoption of node sensing technology, the system can response to any environment changes which may affect the system in <3ms and meantime adjust itself for the new changes automatically.

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