PF Rubber Grinder Auxiliary Machines PF Rubber Grinder Auxiliary Machines

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Product Description


The rubber grinder assembly consists of rubber grinder and its auxiliary machines which is formed by main screener, rubber conveyor, rubber powder screener, rubber conveyor and magnetic separators to perform continuous processing flow with the main rubber grinder.

Structure and Principle:

◆ The waste tires are pre shredded into 3.5cm chips which then go to the rubber grinder and get grinded into a mixture of rubber powder and steel wire. Then, the auxiliary screeners and magnetic separators will screen and separate the rubber powder from the steel wires.

◆ The Rubber Powder are conveyed into two stages of screeners and pass the magnetic separators, which results in 10-40mesh pure rubber powder (mesh sizes adjustable).

◆ The oversized rubber powder will be fed back into the grinder for regrinding. The cycle grinding process requires no additives, no exhaust of waste water or air with low running cost.

◆ The efficiency of steel separation reaches up to 99.9%. total installation power 80Kw, The average power consumption for one ton tire processing is 200 Kwh, hourly output capacity 200-400kg ( the qty will vary by different mesh sizes of rubber powder). They are the ideal equipment for radial tire rubber powder production.

Technical Data Sheet

Rubber Screener

2 sets


3 Sets

Magnetic Separator

2 Sets

Total Power


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