DCT Belt Iron Separator DCT Belt Iron Separator

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Product Description


The DCT Belt Iron Separator is used to separate iron objects mixed in the rubber granules to prepare for next processing. It mainly consists of electro-magnetic, motor, conveying belt, roller cylinder, machine frame and control cabinet, etc.


Structure and Principle

◆The machine use electro-magnetic which has stepless adjustable strong attraction force and depth, is 5-10 times more attractive than ordinary high performance magnetic. With such features as strong magnetic force, quick demagnetization and deep attraction;

◆By using heat-proof belt for conveying steel wire, the friction of the rollers is increased, even big steel wires can be separated completely;

◆The electro-magnetic is suspended onto the machine frame, the height of which can be adjusted to get suitable attraction distance.

Technical Data Sheet

Model 500
Capacity(Kg/H) 400~800
Belt width(mm) 500
Screening efficiency(%) 99
Motor power(Kw) 1.5
Adjusting height(mm) 200
Weight(T) 0.65


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