CS-150 Sand Infill Machine CS-150 Sand Infill Machine

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Product Description

CS-150 sand infill machine is a small hand-push sand infill machine for small lawn and suitable for paving the small moving lawn. The machines have been widely used in foreign countries. We develop a new generation of products with referring to the foreign advanced technology and considering the venue pavement domestic needs. It is easy to operation and use. The products are the most ideal accessory paving machine of paving the moving lawn and fill our vacancy. The machine is equipped with sand capacity: 150 kg. Operating the machine normally takes 1-2 people. The machine uses four wide wheels (φ400 × 180). The wheels have small pressures and won’t crush the lawn. Sending wheels of the machine takes a one-way transmission mechanism. In other words, forward run can send sand. But when running back, the tape does not move. It needs some certain technical. The efficiency of the machine is higher than general way by artificial means. The machine fills sand evenly.

Technical Data Sheet



       Infill Width(mm)


       Moving speed

       Average speed by manpower

       Loading capacity(Kg)




       Overall size(mm)



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