CQF Coarse Fiber Separator CQF Coarse Fiber Separator

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Product Description


CQF Coarse Fiber Separator is an ideal separating equipment for the coarse fiber mixed in the rubber granules from the rubber chip grinder to improve the purity of the rubber for the next rubber powder milling process. It mainly consists of Sucking Mouth, Air Volume Adjusting Door, Flexible Pipes, Draught Fan, Body Frame, Cyclone, etc.

Structure and Principle

◆High Separating Effects, can separate over 96% fiber;

◆Adjustable Height

◆Equipped with two different sizes of Suck Mouths, with air volume adjusting device

◆Adopts improved model of Draught fan, strong sucking force, no jamming. The cyclone can separate fiber effectively to avoid pollution and increase production capacity.

Technical Data Sheet

Model 75
Capacity(Kg/H) 400~800
Handle materials Fiber,Rubber,grabule
Motor power(Kw) 7.5
Separation efficiency(%) ≥96
Air mouth puantity(Pcs) 2
Weight(T) 0.8


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