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XFJ Fiber Separator

XFJ Fiber Separator is an ideal air separation equipment, it is used for separating fluff fiber mixed in rubber granule or rubber powders to improve the purity of the rubber powder and quality of reclaimed rubber. It mainly consist of motor, feeding pipe, big impeller, wind plate, disperse plate, adjusting plate, upper cylinder, lower cone and machine frame, etc.

Structure and Principle
◆According to different raw materials and content percentage of fiber, you can change the upstream air volume by adjusting the wind blocking plate and also angle of the big impeller without shutting down the machine to get pure rubber granule and powder;
◆The machine work in low speed, adopting circulating air, no friction, durable, energy saving and high efficiency;
◆Fluff fiber separation up to 99%;
◆The whole machine is sealed with negative air pressure inside, no air pollution, low noise;
       Model        1100
       Capacity(Kg/H)        200~600
       Impeller diameter(mm)        Φ1100
       Impeller quantity(Pcs)        8
       Motor power(Kw)        5.5
       Main shaft speed(RPM)        400
       Weight(T)        1.4


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