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TCX Roller Magnetic Separator

This machine is used to separate iron objects mixed in the rubber granule or powder to improve the purity and quality for the next process. It is mainly composed of motor, speed reducer, feeding hopper, machine frame, roller cylinder, magnetic core and storage bin, etc.

Structure and Principle
◆Use high performance and attraction of semi circled permanent magnet, heavy and dense magnetic field, durable;
◆It can effectively separate minor steel to improve the rubber quality greatly;
◆The feeding hopper and discharging outlet are made of stainless steel to improve the rigidity of the machine, reduce the external influence such as counter-magnetic field, to the magnetic field and stabilize the magnetic field;
◆Easy installation and maintenance, reliable performance and energy conservation;
       Model        200(Single)        200(Double)
       Capacity(Kg/H)        200~600        300~800
       Cylinder diameter(mm)        Φ200        Φ200×2
       Separation efficiency(%)        99        99
       Motor power(Kw)        0.37        0.55
       Weight(T)        0.15        0.2


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