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TC-HXJ line marking machine

The machine is suitable for marking lines on the plastic running tracks or artificial lawns.

1. Airless spraying painting technology for which the high-pressure pump is driven by a gasoline engine has been adopted in the line marking machine to create clear, smooth, saturating and even limes, providing a high working efficiency.
2. Both sides of the spraying gun are equipped with a limiting disc plates, ensuring the line free of raw edges. Such plates may be lift through a pulling line in steering , turning flexibly.
3. The spraying gun may be conveniently dismantled to change different nozzles and control the line width, suitable for common airless spraying for marks or labels.
4. It runs by pushing, with convenient turning, reliable orientation, and flexible turning
       Model        TC-HXJ
       Power(Kw)        2.2
       Marking rate(Km/h)        0.5-3
       Common pressure(Mpa)        12
       Max.flow(L/min)        1.2
       Weight (Kg)        80
       Appearance measurement(mm)        1500×550×750


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