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Rubber cutting machine

       This machine can cut rubber, foam materials and other soft objects into any blocks.
       Structure and principle
       This machine consists of frame, reducer, turn setting and a pair of blades. The connecting rod is driven by the operation of reducer, make the moving blade run bakc and forth, and the static blade which is fixed in relevant position on the frame, they can form the reasonable cutting angle, thus achieves the smooth cutting effect.
       This machine has simple structure, small size, easy operation, low energy consumption, durable, wide use.
       Technical parameter:
               Model                QGJ-1
               Cutting speed(time/min)                43
               Effective sheared lengh(m)                0.58
               Power(Kw)                3
               Weight(Kg)                300
               Overall size(M)                1.4*0.7*1.3

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