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LS Screw Conveyor

LS Screw Conveyor is used to connect different machines in the line, or to split feed for multiple machines, it is specially designed for rubber granule and powder conveying. The machine mainly consist motor, speed reducer, conveying tunnel, screw shaft, hopper, machine frame, view window, splitting motor, splitting valve and discharging outlet, etc.
Structure and Principle

◆Enclosed structure with view window to monitor at any time. Compact structure, big conveying volume, easy installation and movement, no air pollution;
◆Use cycloidal pin gear reducer, low noise, high efficient, compact structure
◆Can convey in both horizontal or sideling directions;
◆All the splitting motors are switched on and off by the PLC system, it can convey materials evenly and accurately into the machines and ensure the whole line抯 stability, safety and high efficiency.
       Model        36        44        70
       Capacity(Kg/H)        200~800
       Conveying distance(m)        3~8
       Screw rotary speed(RPM)        60
       Motor power(Kw)        1.1~1.5
       Weight(T)        0.15~0.6


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