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LQT Cooling System

LQT cooling system utilizes the water evaporation principle to cool down the water which is heated by the machines during operation. Connect it with each machine抯 internal cooling systems to make the whole line working steadily, efficiently and safely. It mainly consist of water tank, cooling tower, high pressure pump, water out pipe, feedback pipe and ladder, etc.

Structure and Principle
◆The water tank is made of stainless steel with ladder to avoid rusting and water leakage, high volume storage, compact structure and quick cooling;
◆High pressure twin water pump, long circulating distance, high pressure and low noise
◆The system uses circulating water flow, no pollution and water saving;
◆The cooling tower adopts round reverse-flow principle, quick evaporation, small size, low noise.
       Model        20        50
       Capacity(Kg/H)        30        30+30
       Storage Volume(T)        20        50
       Matched line capacity(Kg/H)        500~1000        1000~2000
       Motor power(Kw)        5.5+1.1        5.5+5.5+1.1+1.1
       Weight(T)        1.4        2.2


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