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Dust catcher


This type of bag house cleaning (also known as pressure-jet cleaning) is the most common. A high pressure blast of air is used to remove dust from the bag. The blast enters the top of the bag tube, temporarily ceasing the flow of dirty air. The shock of air causes a wave of expansion to travel down the fabric. The flexing of the bag shatters and discharges the dust cake. The air burst is about 0.1 second and it takes about 0.5 seconds for the shock wave to travel down the length of the bag. Due to its rapid release, the blast of air does not interfere with contaminated gas flow. Therefore, pulse-jet baghouses can operate continuously and are not usually compartmentalized. The blast of compressed air must be powerful enough to ensure that the shock wave will travel the entire length of the bag and fracture the dust cake.


1. Filter bag dust machine is a typical high efficiency dust machine, can be used in the purification of grain size in 0.1 u m
2. The dust removal efficiency generally can reach more than 99.9%, and the performance is stable and reliable, and easy  to  operate.
3. This machine has strong adaptability and can capture all kinds of properties of the dust, not because dust resistivity properties and influence the dust removal efficiency.
4. It is  easy to recycle dust and simple maintenance , but has no problem of sludge treatment, waste water pollution.
5. It is applicable for various kinds powders collection, such as chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, etc all kinds of production equipment of dust, also can effectively deal with iron and steel, nonferrous metals, mining, various kinds of stove dust and various drying, mixing, mixing exhaust dust treatment.
       Model        CCQ-1        CCQ-2
       Conveying distance(M)        7        7
       Capacity(Kg/H)        200        300
       Power(Kw)        5.5        5.5
       Dimention of Fiber Cabinet(M)        /        1.2x1.2x1.5


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