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CSJ-C Rubber Coarse Crusher


The machine is developed for crushing those raw materials  which contain much fiber or other impurities. It has two cooling systems, the water-cooled and the air cooled systems. The machine has many advantages, as  high capacity , low working temperature, no screen jamming, continuous operation ,etc.

Structure And Principle

The machine is mainly composed of crushing machine, draught fan, conveying device, cyclone, fiber separator and control cabinet. It adopts hard alloy or wear-proof steel blades, has a long working life. The crushed materials are conveyed and discharged through cyclone and separator under strong air blowing force, the final granules and the fiber(or other impurities ) can be separated and comes out from two outlets, so the final granules will be more pure and have high quality.
       Model        400C        500C
       Capacity(Kg/H)        100-1000        150-1500
       Main shaft speed(RPM)        600        600
       Feeding size(mm)        <200mm        <250mm
       Output size(mesh)        2-20        2-20
       Motor power(Kw)        15        22
       Dust absorption power(Kw)        3        3
       Weight(Kg)        1300        1500
       Dimention(m)        4.6*1.8*2.8        4.8*1.8*2.8


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