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JFS Rubber Powder Screener

This machine use vibrating motor to force the materials disperse, move forward on the screening net to separate rubber granules into different sizes, while other relevant machines can separate the steel wire and fiber above the screen net.  It mainly consists of vibrating motor, screener frame, spring, steel wire discharging tray, feeding back outlet and screening net,etc.

Structure and Principle
◆Using vibrating motor as vibrating source,  reliable and easy operation;
◆Used as a platform for multiple jobs as rubber granule screening, fiber separating, steel wire separating processes,  wide applications, high efficient and small floor area.
◆High screening accuracy, high screening volume, compact structure;
◆With multiple outlets for different screening sizes, is an  indispensible equipment in tire recycling.
       Model        800
       Capacity(Kg/H)        400~800
       Vibrating frequency(Time/Minute)        960
       Motor power(Kw)        0.75+0.75
       Output size(mm)        0.5~6
       Screening efficiency(%)        99
       Weight(T)        0.8


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